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Can someone please tell me what search engine optimization is?

Need answers! asked:

I’ve been searching all day, and I’ve been reading that your blog can be successful or fall falt on it’s face based on what you know of search engine optimization; SEO. I know what it is (sort of) but I don’t know how to do it, I don’t even know if there IS a “how.” So I’d be grateful if someone told me what SEO is, and how to use it. Thanks.
What do you mean tags? You mean like the links on my site (well, in my case a blog) that describe my posts and stuff?

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  1. Yahoo Sucks Says:

    It’s all about finding ways to get your website to show up as high on a search as possible. Especially if someone does a specific search. If your blog was about any certain theme, you’d want anyone who searched for anything about your theme to have your site show up. Higher on the list the better.

  2. lu_candid Says:

    Ya basically it s when you optimize your site you are making it more “relevant” in terms of what the Search engine is looking for. Lets say your blog is on real estate. you will want to optimize the site for words based around Real estate.

    It has a lot to do with keywords, tags, etc.

    Good luck.. it’s whole other world out there.

  3. SmileyRiley Says:

    SEO may seem as complex to some as rocket science, but it can be simplified into 3 basic elements: content, code and credibility. The content is what was referenced in the other responses: the HTML text on your site or blog must contain targeted search phrases with a certain level of density (reptition) and proximity (placement) in order to gain meaingful visibility. The second component, code, references the background programming that renders your Web site or blog: the cleaner the code, the better. I recommend CSS and related Web standards-based technologies. The third component is credibility…without a meaningful number of relevant links from popular Web sites or blogs pointing to your blog, you’ll never see the top spot in target search results. You have to identify and seek inbound links to your Web site/blog, and the more popular and relevant the site/blog, the more visibility you’ll get (aka link popularity or PageRank). I’ve written an article (The 3 Cs of SEO) and we have a free SEO white paper on our Web site. Keep in mind, blogs are really no different than corporate Web sites when it comes to a successful SEO effort. Good luck.

  4. Biz Guru Says:


    is the optimzation of your website content, html and links to your website in order to enhance your search engine listings as well as your buyer’s experience.

    There is a how. Have a look at:

  5. aman v Says:

    search engine optimization is a process by which we search anything by keywords and promote the site by doing some submissions like directory, blogs, classified, answers and articles….

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