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HitTail – A Practical Alternative To Paying For Search Hits

miklevin asked:

Learn how to free yourself from your expensive PPC keyword addiction by learning how to write for the long tail of search. The idea plays off of the popular notion from Wired Mazazine Editor Chris Anderson.

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  1. tgon1563 Says:

    well I KNOW it works incredibly well!

  2. todnyc Says:

    its free, so try it

  3. todnyc Says:

    two great points. youre absolutely right.

  4. alienx99 Says:

    I have to admit I watched the video and really didn’t understand what the hell they were talking about until I read some reviews off another website. It sounds great if it truely works. Guess you don’t know if you don’t try it?

  5. AussieFocus Says:

    I just found out about hittail last week and just love it. Thank you.

  6. M1t0s1sReloaded Says:

    That Comic Sans MS font is sooooo ugly. Was it appropriate?

  7. auquenet Says:

    Good work.

  8. i9eir8zr44 Says:


  9. 35mCocean Says:

    Good video presentation. Very clear. Discover HitTail from a recommendation by Michael Port and Seth Godin. Can’t get much better than that! Will definitely try. Thank you.

  10. miklevin Says:

    While Internet stores have a good deal of products to work with, we find that individuals trying to become domain authorities in their own particular area of expertise have unlimited things to talk about. I never stop being amazed at the nuances and intricacies of the topics our HitTailers explore. Perhaps it exceeds the size of product catalogs by several times, as each product in a catalog may have ten characteristics, which are worth speaking about in their own right.

  11. vertigowebdesign Says:

    Interesting video. Nice in theory but in practice I think it’s a little different. It only works on something like a internet store where you have literally thousands of products, most internet sites aren’t stores though, the other point to be made is Long Tail keywords are often location specific.

  12. petefrombc Says:

    I love it. Read the Long Tail book over the Xmas holidays and totally convinced the world is going to go through a huge change as digital distribution costs drop, and we start to see the gems that have been hiding just below the waterline.

  13. miklevin Says:

    Anybody out there? This video has been favorited 21 times and has 12 positive ratings. Anyone want to chime in regarding their experiences?

  14. miklevin Says:

    Hope to see everyone at the TechCrunch Meetup #8 NYC party tonight.

  15. miklevin Says:

    HitTail was covered in a recent BusinessWeek as a way to build a better mouse trap.

  16. miklevin Says:

    We’re also trying to get Dugg, so anyone with a Digg account that wants to contribute to HitTail, feel free to digg us…

  17. MetisOnline Says:

    good video! Rated the video and blogged it on

  18. miklevin Says:

    Greeting fellow HitTailers. If you like our free service and want to spread the word, you can use YouTube to help with their viral video features. There are a few things you can do: 1) You can use their features to email this video to anyone you think needs to see the demo using “Share Video”. 2) You can give it a high Video Rating. 3) You can add it to your YouTube favorites using “Save to Favorites”. 4) You can publish this video directly into your blog using “Blog Video”.

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