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Is search engine optimization a possible career?

dancergalny asked:

I work for a marketing firm who specializes in website that have been optimized for search engines. I am thinking of becoming an exclusive ‘search engine optimizer’ but am wondering if this is too broad of a category. Can one specialize in this and make a decent living? Thank you to anyone who answers with good advice!

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  1. Voltaire wrote the book: Candide Says:

    Yeah, I am getting my MBA and heard a lecture from consultants who search engine companies like GOOGLE and YAHOO hire, to prevent search engine manipulation.

    I guess your company that makes less-relevant companies come up higher in search ranks, actually hurts everyone, because it buries the ones people are really looking for.

    The speaker used an example of

    His website and 25 other websites which all redirect to the same subscription database, uses keyword tricks and linking to/from popular pages, email listing etc…

    Most businesses look down, upon what you’re doing.

    Its not “optimizing”, it is “manipulating”.

    Also, know that these companies learn your tricks after a few months and build in a negator into the company’s search command string, thus defeating your tricks.

  2. Judy Says:

    It’s a possible career, but a very narrow area to look for a job. If you already have a job doing this and keep it, you can probably make a very good living, but I’d guess that isn’t what you are asking.

    Working for a company that markets optimized search engines is very different from being the person, or a part of the group, that does the optimizing.

  3. ozim Says:

    The answer is a resounding YES. You can make tons of money from it, but be aware that many site owners like myself are getting more knowledge about SEO and we prefer to do it ourselves. The best market that pays HUGE fees is the big corporation online.

    Another angle is to offer training online for webmasters. But in all – you must be very, very good on the job. Read more about seo below

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