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Search Engine Optimization Sacramento: The Big SEO Firm Myth REVEALED

“Search Engine Optimization Sacramento: The Big SEO Firm Myth REVEALED” This video was created by one of the co-owners of Dot Com Secrets Sacramento, Christian Fioravanti. In this video Christian makes several points pertaining to why we are different than most other internet marketing consultants and firms out there. He reveals the big Search Engine Optimization Sacramento myth about most other SEO companies and service providers out there. http Feel free to visit our website and find out more about how we can partner up with you to grow your business and drive you more leads, traffic, and customers. Search Engine Optimization Sacramento – Dot Com Secrets Sacramento are here to help you attain the customer base you deserve and ultimately the financial freedom you desire. Sacramento Search Engine Optimization – SEO Sacramento Oct 20, 2010 … We specialize in search engine optimization and marketing in Sacramento. SEO is becoming more and more important everyday. Bauer360 Sacramento Ca 95814 916-346-6490 [email protected]. 2021 Arden Way … Cell Phone Marketing & Mobile Application Development, Search Engine Optimization, … Sacramento web design, search engine optimization Sacramento web design, search engine optimization SEO and pay per click PPC services – Solar Flare Digital Technologies. SEO Joomla website design … Sacramento Seo Services 7 Step Local Business
Video Rating: 4 / 5 What is SEO? SEO stands for search engine optimization but that doesn’t explain all too much either. This video jumps into exactly what SEO is all about. http Let’s talk about what SEO can do for you, and why you should be using search engine optimization to your advantage. Whether you’ve got one site or no sites this is a presentation on SEO (search engine optimization) that you cannot afford to miss.

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  1. ChristianFioravanti Says:

    @dvdmgg561 Yes, we have not had one client that is not on the 1st page of Google for their keywords.

  2. dvdmgg561 Says:

    Is your website ranking on the search engines on a decent ranking?

  3. ChristianFioravanti Says:

    @jacobdantzler Thank you Jacob!

    All the Best,
    Christian Fioravanti

  4. jacobdantzler Says:

    Very true…So many people look toward spending so much money only to find that there is little to no results…All I know is that I SEE THE RESULTS Christian Fioravanti brings to the table. Want real results, Work with this leader with great integrity….

    Jacob Dantzler

  5. cortese2006 Says:


  6. ChristianFioravanti Says:

    Feel free to get in touch with us to find out more!


  7. sdkushev Says:


  8. louisekeri1 Says:

    great information about SEO… Thanks

  9. sreejiths99 Says:

    thanks to little master for your nice speech on seo firm myth

  10. cvijayanand51 Says:

    wow very good idea for me. And thanks SEO Firm Myth

  11. arcsachan Says:

    SEO makes a website popular

  12. vick1137 Says:

    Convincing speech.Itz really true.

  13. VirtualAssistantv Says:

    This is a great video guide for beginners.

  14. searchengineprimacy Says:


  15. searchengineprimacy Says:

    I do commend your talent in creating videos. Keep up the good work and spread the information!]

  16. searchengineprimacy Says:

    I do commend your talent in creating videos. Keep up the good work and spread the information!

  17. lolnubsauce763 Says:

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  18. samiwistler Says:

    Great vid I hope you met go-sour blog talking about the subject

  19. Haqichaqi Says:

    yea, I agree. This video fucking rocks man. I never graduated from high school, but I’m make $70,000 with the help of SEO. It’s fucking great! Life is so goooood, wouldn’t you guys agree?

  20. TheBlueprintGuys Says:

    awsome vid, great info!

  21. seofreetool Says:

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  22. seofreetool Says:

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  23. AskASearchEngineGuru Says:

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  24. tsummerlin84 Says:

    Is this better than zackles?

  25. komentatoriusxxx Says:

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  26. OutSourceRabbit Says:

    @calikittencation That’s fantastic. Remember that SEO isn’t a science as the algorithms are constantly updated. So it’s important to keep on working and trying to see what works best.

    Always stay aware!

  27. OutSourceRabbit Says:

    @lovewhore1 Thanks, great feedback appreciate it 🙂

  28. lovewhore1 Says:

    Great video. Really easy to understand and great basic facts.

  29. calikittencation Says:

    Great work – easy to understand and encouraging. SEO isn’t easy to get the hang of, but this video makes it a lot easier to understand.

  30. ken Says:

    hi, do you still offer the discount if I purchase SEnuke through your link? I want to buy it my problem is I cant even get to the senuke website…it wont load, i deleted my cookies, i have internet connection and i got the same error both in google chrome and firefox..ive been trying to get in for hours….can you help me…please email me…thanks!

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