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SEO Best Practices

wilreynolds asked: Wil Reynolds teaches which SEO practices are no longer used before explaining best SEO practices.

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  1. AntiVaccine Says:

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  2. kitesurfing2010 Says:

    if you want to get traffic toy your website put your web in the main road of your city and you will get instant traffic,for sure this is my last method. movienautscom

  3. brettdusek Says:

    I wouldn’t trust much of what Matt Cutts says anymore. Just like the US military, disinformation is a primary strategy. Some of his recent discussions are shaky at best.

    Certainly good architecture plays a ranking factor and can’t understand why this is still being disputed?

  4. ajayg514 Says:

    I would agree that its not a ranking factor, however…

    W3C standards are honored by browsers, and spiders alike. I am no expert, but if you have two documents, one has proper structure, while another doesn’t, I would rather parse the document with proper structure.

    Its like a compiler for HTML. Many users are often unaware of their HTML flaws. W3C helps eliminate potential problems like invalid characters, closing/opening tags, attributes, and much more.

  5. wilreynolds Says:

    Take a look at Mat Cutts video on why W3C is not a ranking factor, he just recentlt discussed this.

  6. ajayg514 Says:

    SEO can best be done by knowing the fundamentals of HTML. Make sure you understand the value of w3c validation. TheMusicAge attempts this and is fairly successful. Google “SEO TheMusicAge” or “TheMusicAge Marketing” for more information.

  7. wilreynolds Says:


  8. wilreynolds Says:

    Good point here Joel, definitely NOT going to hurt you, so if you have time go for it. I think the big thing is not thinking that these tactics will skyrocket you to the top.

  9. wilreynolds Says:

    great point, I’m digging the tools over at SEOmoz lately when doing competitive analysis to know what we’re going up against.

  10. wwwSEOWritersNet Says:

    Consideration three: know your competition. How well you do in the search engine results is a function how much hard work you have put in relation to that of your competition. You want to make sure you work harder and more diligently than those against whom you are competing so keep this in mind when writing your website and article content.

  11. TheWealthyPromoter Says:

    Ok after over a week of deliberating over SocialBlaster, I made my decision today to go with this has been the next best decision I have made in a long time.

    Simple, and very effective…update to 40 + networks with multiple accounts

    NO MORE iMACROS bullchyt for me…THANK GOD!!

  12. MegaCommenter Says:

    I definitely agree with you. In case I have some spare time, I will navigate to your web.

  13. chookylynn Says:

    There are heaps of things you CAN do, but unless you either have unlimited time (and want to be glued to the computer 24/7) or a huge team to help, it makes sense to concentrate your efforts on those things that will produce best results. Good stuff.

  14. joeldeg Says:

    meta tags and submitting your site isn’t going to hurt you But if you only have 5 minutes at the end of the day your time is better spent establishing strong links with relevant sites rather than working on the other items. But if you have time for both, go for it. (or get one of the interns to do it)

  15. wilreynolds Says:

    Agreed on the crawl thing, this video is a little old, and as usual I go off on tangents 🙂 I just can’t help it 🙂

    Thanks for dropping some feedback.

  16. FrozzzenPuck Says:

    I’m kinda on the fence with this video, you make some good points and then you go off on a tangent :/ You title the vid best practice, um meta tags are a best practice just leave it at that. It’s been a practice since the beginning and still is today. And submitting your site to Google to crawl to let them know your updating etc etc… does speed up the process, it’s another best practice.

  17. victoraul1 Says:

    that It is true, it has no impact, at least for Google or Yahoo, they just find them anyway thats their job

  18. stalbanswebdesignseo Says:

    this guys the nuts

  19. wilreynolds Says:

    It won’t hurt you, that is correct.

  20. arsenjan818 Says:

    While some of the things you mentioned don’t count as much, it doesn’t hurt to have it either. Extra effort pays off in my opinion.

  21. wilreynolds Says:

    I just don’t do it, it just has no impact IMHO – you can do it though for sure.

  22. EducoMarketing Says:

    Dig the talk but, why would you say not to submit your site when it takes no time at all… Just don’t understand why google and yahoo would build these capabilities if they don’t use them?

  23. wilreynolds Says:


  24. wilreynolds Says:

    I don’t know if I’d say having a blog is always the best SEO tool, like any tool it is really what you decide to do with it, right?

    Thanks very much for commenting! Much appreciated.

  25. semaphorian01 Says:


    Very interesting video

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