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SEO Competition Using Market Samurai

eddale asked: How to conduct an SEO competition analysis using the Market Samurai research tool. Find out more about gurubob here:

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  4. Intrepreneur101 Says:

    I write for the search negines but also for my readers and it works well. Although I don’t like Market Samauri at all, not one bit. Micro Hince Finer rocks.. and also Market Samauri distracts you from learning real SEO, by clouding your mind with data instead of learned research.

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  7. TheWealthyPromoter Says:

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  8. quenarosima Says:

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  9. SadeTabitha Says:

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  10. Villager42 Says:

    I am going thru the 30DC for the first time. I am a beginner in this process. I thought that the lesson today was straightforward. Best of all … it helped me settle in on the keyword that I plan to use for remainder of 30DC. Well done…

  11. BrentAJHodgson Says:

    Re-watched the video today. Fantastic information.

  12. emailgrowth Says:

    Very nice video. On my website you can online text for free it for anyone to use. You can send mulitple text messages in one click. Just see my profile to access the website. Nice video.

  13. dealmaker007 Says:

    Do you sell kangaroo meat?
    Do you have a partner or affiliate agreement with a company that does?

    If so, you could compete there. 68,600 pages have “kangaroo meat” on them, but they may not even be optimized of those terms. You can find out how many competing sites exist for that phrase, and figure out whether you can compete.

  14. paulsarcia Says:

    brilliant! simple, but it has the main idea is explained well…

    I can’t say, though, that I fully understand SEO.

    There’s always something more to learn, I believe.

  15. affiliater Says:

    A really simple explanation of SEO, I understand it fully now.

  16. IMStrong59 Says:

    Either with your own product or that of an affiliate.

  17. onlinerevenue Says:

    SEO = Search Engine Optimization

  18. onlinerevenue Says:

    Approx. Avg. Search Volume: 6,600 per month (220 per day) – ok

    Pages listed in Google for “kangaroo meat”: 68,600 (too many for 30DC)

    Competition: some heavy websites and some news articles

    But how would you monetize such a website?

  19. onlinerevenue Says:

    That page doesn’t seem like a strong longterm competitor though.

  20. rflusher Says:

    According to the Market Samurai blog the price is pretty reasonable. What does SEO stand for?

  21. sleung34 Says:

    great not the question is how much for Market Samurai

  22. Mentor2Wealth Says:

    great video GuruBob- found it very interesting. I know some very basic SEO

  23. GloreeBe Says:

    Truly amazing..

  24. MacBookForMe Says:

    ‘fastfood’ SEO style…it works!

  25. WendyMerritt Says:

    This program makes everything so automated…I feel like I am cheating 😉

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