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Seo Dong Yo MV

seodongyo asked:

Kissing Scenes in Seo Dong Yo by heartthrob I did not create this video. If you are the creator and would like me to remove this, please let me know.

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  1. pahao100 Says:

    anybody now the first song called
    if you do tell me

  2. TheSwordmanx Says:

    I uploaded the two versions of this song here:
    1) megaupload (dot) com/?d=A6GHHRB6
    2) megaupload (dot) com/?d=W63J4SPR

  3. TheSwordmanx Says:

    The whole album is downloadable here: kdramaqueen (dot) blogspot (dot) com/2008/05/seo-dong-yo-seo-dongs-song-ost (dot ) html

  4. camerlon Says:


  5. goldieliu Says:

    Jo Hyun Jae is Prince Charming.
    I am crazy about him…ha ha

    Lee bo Young is lovely.

    This is an excellent Korean drama.

  6. manramen Says:

    I wish i could get an mp3 of that song.

  7. hanamiasao Says:

    Jyj was so handsome,i was so jealous when he kisses the princess^_^
    this drama is absolutely great and best

  8. avonmarissa Says:

    I feel your pain,lol.

  9. ilovehyunbin Says:

    i cried all through this drama just coz he is soooooo handsome and i will neva have him!! 🙁

  10. jops2804 Says:

    Kind of hope that the drama don’t end this way.

  11. lauyunghui Says:

    this drama is good

  12. ILuuvXiah Says:

    what are the songs used in this mv? and where can i get them?

  13. Seodongyorocs Says:

    At the end lee bo young dies very sad

  14. pangiaxiong Says:

    JyJ is so fucken handsome. He is too good at making my heart pounding. Love him. This drama is so good, i never though i would like it, everyone suit their role in here. love it. This is one korean drama i will have to have as my own.

  15. mawar06 Says:

    I love this drama too, JYj so handsome……..

  16. waterphotography Says:

    the drama is very good . i like johyunjae, he’s very handsome.

  17. fearlicious Says:

    can i join you.. hahaha!!!

  18. cutiekm Says:

    jo hyun jae..the best! i love him he’s so handsome!!!! i wanna make love to him.. hehe

  19. pamaam Says:

    This drama is very good…I want to see this clip anymore

  20. XXDNRXX Says:

    Is it just me or something’s wrong with this clip.. somehow it’s now playing anymore.. TT

  21. lilkawaiichubby Says:

    i love it!!! this drama was good..i think the end was sad..T.T

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