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Stop The SEO Madness!

lisa3876 asked:

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  1. AlteZakhen Says:

    thanks lisa u r0ck

  2. hmshispanic Says:

    Realmente se necesitan de buenas practicas de desarrollo web para lograr posicionar una web.

  3. Phyroxin Says:

    Thanks for the information Lisa 🙂

  4. pipadyaz Says:

    You should worry about all that stuff. Looking at your office, after 7 years, your still no e-millionair ;p

  5. UltraComboer Says:

    She has the same router as I do. Nice vid!

  6. jesconty Says:

    The algorithm is starting to be about the bounce rate, backlinks (very few actually even count now), on-page, and fresh content.
    The age, working links, spelling, meta tags are needed but not to be stressed over –
    Does the Yahoo directory help anymore – Pay Yahoo 300 bucks to find out huh?

  7. jesconty Says:

    Maybe, but for now there are still gazillions of searches happening for what you sell…right?

  8. Earthpark2009 Says:

    SEO is not fun but essential. Interesting video.

  9. superfudge44 Says:

    Build your sites for humans to read LoL I chuckled at that.

  10. jerseymike16 Says:

    @UXMagic …lol but your on here listening to other on a lame business…lol its a 6 figure business per year on min. work. Goodluck to you…lol

  11. EcoTrustNow Says:

    Ok…I went from not knowing a thing about SEO a year ago to putting my heart and soul into it. Now my site is on the first page (it doesn’t have to be #1…1st page is fine with me) of 20 different 2 word key phrases that bring me around 10 -20 visitors a day. Pretty good I think.
    The point is that she is right !

    Good luck and have fun !!

  12. koty81 Says:

    I love u Lisa,you’re soo right

  13. faheeta Says:

    Hi Lisa! You don’t care much about longtail keyword search?

  14. jutawan Says:

    I salute to such straight forward honest explaination on SEO. Its all bout your contribution to your webpage or interaction,simple as that. Theres plenty of Gurus out there eveready to confuse you and then charge you for their so called expertise.Tq Lisa n merry xmas

  15. morales6628 Says:

    Awesome, I love how you share!

  16. SEOtutoriales Says:

    i trust this lady just because she proofs what she says……check out her other videos and u ill see

    5 stars…thank u…keep it up

  17. dwaynedibbly Says:

    Thanks again these videos are proving very informative.

  18. markvschwartz1 Says:

    Thanks for the SEO video. There are so many SEO tricks it’s incredible.

  19. BASSMANJ5 Says:

    25,744 VIEWS WOW !!!!! THATS GREAT

  20. adjudicationwithheld Says:

    No offense but you are annoying. Saying Link Exchanges are not really good but (someone just likes you and blogs about your site etc…)

    while this is true what you said someone “just wanting to share your site”…. LINKS ARE IMPORTANT!!!! GUYS becareful whom you listen to. 13,000 visitors a month, 50,000 visitors a month, 300,000 visitors a month…nothing! Just be careful whom you take advice from. you have good advice ..for beginners.

  21. dallasseoguru Says:

    This is funny. Although some of what Lisa speaks about I agree with.

  22. lovelucy3 Says:

    thanks for all the tips =)

  23. PingPongProductionz Says:

    I am a master at seo. I have created 31 sites and 29 are #1 and the other 2 are on the first page.

  24. krix02 Says:

    I watched this video about 3 times to make sure I’m feeling easy about my new site’s rank.

    I’m a developer for the last 7 years but decided to make my own site last week.

    But I don’t understand one thing.. if we have to *wait* to get our site on the top (and of course provide good content) how come the SEO experts do this much faster? I mean MUCH MUCH faster..

    Could you kindly shed some light on what you mean by “Sneaky Techniques” at 2:30?

  25. TheCoastalEmpire Says:

    Google doesn’t crawl for meta tags.

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