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Attraction of Search Engine Optimization and Marketing

Same law of attraction applies to the search engine optimization, the website has to be so relevant, familiar and frequently visible, that it attracts more and more search engines and search engine users. The content of the website should be simple and lucrative, brilliantly distributed with keyword phrases that it would attract more users and web spiders, it is because of content users visit the site. Content is what makes search engine rankings higher. Today in this competitive world every Website owner wants his site to figure in the top ten lists, therefore to achieve that peak one has to do is to constantly update your skills and knowledge base with respect to search engine marketing efforts. The most vital thing is when the visitors gets attracted your site, the text on the home page has to be so much engrossing  and simple that it explains and reflects what your message is and automatically more traffic would be attracted to it.

To optimize your site is to get rank in the search engines, by concentrating on search phrases and by promoting these keywords you will begin to build your rank in the search engines.  Search Engine Optimization is undeniably the fastest and hottest channel to attract more traffic. Search engine Optimization is not only about adding the right number of the right keywords to the site, but the important things that are put under consideration are the layouts, web designs, the programming, even the server systems can all affect that website’s optimization.

It is unbelievable but true that very high percentage of the internet surfers start their internet search using a search engine, therefore if your website doesn’t have that attractive and frequent visibility in the search engines, you are at a loss in missing the required quantum of traffic, means it has adverse effect on the business. According to Hitwise, in June, 2009 percentage of U.S. searches among leading search engines providers Google and Yahoo was 74.04% and 16.19% respectively. Search engine marketing in simple words advertising your website on internet through banners, pop-ups, pop unders, and pay per click through search engine giants like Yahoo, Google, Bing (MSN Search) or one can use practice like Pay per link, pay per impression, pay per call or pay per action. It is believed and agreed by the world over that Search Engine Marketing has made an incredibly amazing in-depth research of web sites on the internet which in turn attracted more and more people to use internet.  Search Engine Marketing is less expensive than the conventional marketing, no need to spend money on the conventional ways of advertisement, when search engine marketing is available for 365 days and night and it gives privilege of time.

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