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What are some of the legitimate search engine optimization firms?

floridasun5 asked:

I have heard so many bad horror stories about some of these SEO firms ripping people off and costing them a fortune, but not getting any better rankings in return. Are there any legitimate, reputable firms out there that anyone can direct me to?
I’ve read all about SEOs, ranking, optimization, etc. I have optimized my site the best I know how, but I think it still needs a lot of help and I dont have the know-how, time or interest to delve into that area on my own.
I only will want to pay for a service if it will truly help get me into the top 10 or so that some of these firms claim. Is this realistic…or are all these firms bogus? Thanks

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  1. stonerosedesigndotcom Says:

    “I only will want to pay for a service if it will truly help get me into the top 10 or so that some of these firms claim. Is this realistic…or are all these firms bogus?”

    It completely depends on the keyword’s you’re targeting…I’ve done it many times ( and have refused to even try far more often because if you’re shooting for “car” or “flowers” it’s insane.

    And it’s very very easy to me to get any site listed in the top 10…of words that no one is really searching for!…which is the most common ploy I’ve seen.

    So post what word you want to optimize for and see what people say.

  2. memetrader Says:

    You are right there are thousands of rip off merchants who could not SEO themselves out of a paper bag!

    To find a professional SEO company use and draw up a shortlist.

    When you interview your shortlist ask them for 5+ references from current clients and make sure you follow them all up. Also ask to see a sample contract.

    Unfortunately the most reliable and best SEOs are expensive which is why a lot of people end up trying to do it themselves.

  3. Joseph Ponnou Says:

    For the keyword “where is dubai”, my site All-Things-Dubai is on page 1 in Google & Yahoo. In Google, it is in position 4 and in Yahoo it is in position 2 as of this moment.

    This has happended in less than 45 days of engaging the services of this SEO company.

    If you are interested you can visit and send them a mail at to request for a personalized quote.

    Here is a tip: You can ask them if they can give you a guarantee to put you on page 1 within a pre-agreed timeline. And then, negotiate a mutually acceptable penalty clause if they fail to put you on page 1. 🙂

    This company has a good reputation. If they guarantee, they will deliver! Also, you will find them much cheaper than the companies in US, UK etc.

    Good Luck

    Joseph Ponnou

  4. HeelWolv Says:

    Be very skeptical of any firm that guarantees a ranking.

  5. mahavir Says:

    Well all companies are not same. You should opt the company which does ethical SEO and not spam the links here and there.

    And they should provide you with a monthly reports about your website like its ranking in google and other search engines and the amount of off page optimization they did in that month. With this way you can track the status of your site and most important thing is that you should keep in touch with them through any medium such as phone or even online messenger can help.

  6. antivinegar Says:

  7. sajuvy Says:

    There are lot of companies who are capable of delivering SEO services at a reasonable cost. First point, you will have to ask them to submit few of the websites with relevant keywords they have achieved and an analysis on that will help you to understand whether they are capable in achieving the better ranks.

    Some companies offer it as a total solution while some offer it as a consultancy. With those offering total solution, you can surely get into agreements about the expected results as well as payment clauses according the results obtained.

    Saju Varghese

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