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Search Week in Review for Feb. 5, 2011

Search Week in Review for Feb. 5, 2011
Here’s a recap of this week’s columns and news stories for the week of Jan. 30 to Feb. 5, as reported by Search Engine Watch , as well as search news and tips from around the web. Click to read the rest of this post…
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Are You Actually Paying For SEO?

There are lots of companies out there claiming to be SEO companies at the moment.  The fact is, there are a lot of cowboy operations looking to make a fast ‘buck’ out of those that simply are unaware of the ‘black art’ process of SEO or Search Engine Optimisation.  In order to try and separate the good from the bad and in order to help those who are not aware of the true SEO process, here is what good idea of the types of conversations a sound SEO company should be talking about with you.  Others will simply take your money and run!

Keyword Identification & Research – The first thing a good SEO company will do is discuss your proposed keywords and search phrases.  Using keyword research tools they should discuss and recommend the most appropriate keyword and search phrase selection for your business.  There’s no point having a website at the top of Google for a phrase which no one ever searches for is there?

Website Analysis – Is your current website search engine friendly?  Website structures and how your website is built, plays an extremely important role in a good SEO strategy. Having the ability to program a website to tell the search engines who you are, what you do and where you do it, is just as important as the search engines being able to read and index content on your website.  A quick online analysis will help identify what they have to work with and will tell them what work needs doing to your website either ‘on’ or ‘off’ page.

SEO Copywriting – After assessing your website, a good SEO company will mention this to you as they will have identified what SEO work is needed on your website.  If a so called SEO company doesn’t touch your website then you can’t be getting proper SEO, it’s a fact.  There are two types of SEO copywriting ‘on’ and ‘off’.

On page copywriting is the use of appropriate keywords on a website that the you and I the user can read and off page SEO copywriting is what programs website to tell the search engines at back end of a website [predominantly what the user can’t see] who you are what you do and where you do it.  A large part of off page copywriting is programming what is called ‘metadata’.  Without this, your website will never be indexed by the search engines.

Competitor Analysis – An excellent indicator of what level of SEO work is required in order to achieve your online marketing objectives is to always analyse the competition.  The amount of time, effort and money that your competitors have invested into SEO including link building, article writing and submission, will always influence and determine how much you have to in order to achieve similar results.

SEO Link Building – Once your website has solid foundations, your SEO company should be talking to you about your link building.  Your website will rank higher up the search engines the more one way, incoming links from high other ranking website your website has.  This is often a very time consuming process and should never really stop.

Feasibility Study – A SEO expert will be able to quickly tell you how feasible your objectives are.  Even if they find that your online goals are unrealistic and unachievable given either time, website structure or budgetary constraints, they should always be able to provide you with an SEO solution which often involves a staged approach in terms of both time and investment.

SEO Proposal – After discussing all of the above with you, an SEO company should be able to provide you with you with an approximate quote for your SEO Solution.  As long as an SEO company is open honest and transparent with what they are doing and how they are going to do it, you shouldn’t go too far wrong.   The moral of the story is, if your so called SEO Company has not talked through any of the above with you, then it’s highly likely they’re not a proper SEO company and simply want your money.  What you do need are proper SEO experts from a proper SEO Agency.

Written by SEO Newcastle for Integrity SEO Experts

SEO Agency in the North East of England.

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Is Senuke A Scam, Senuke Review Shocking Facts

What will the most powerful search engine software do for you. The facts are revealed in this Senuke Review.

Ok, I will get on with my Senuke Review, how will senuke benefit you.

Stop reading Senuke Review if you don’t understand about keywords and SEO.

Here the deal, you still have to give good quality information for Senuke to work.

Bookmark this Senuke review

Unleash the nuke, spin article with content boss. Add images, links and use some of the features in Senuke, submit to all the social networking sites. 25 or more are available.
Allow Senuke to work it’s magic.

Next using same article make it look more like an article, eg two may three links and probably not affiliate links, just links to money pages.
And again, unleash the nuke.

Senuke review facts, you have submited your article, with fresh valuable content to 25 social networking sites and about 12 high profile article directories in about 30 minutes.

Another feature this Senuke review will reveal is video submissions, I know this is a great feature but I am not really a video maker person, just letting you know its available.
Right so back to the senuke review. You have done you article sumbission, now enter your saved urls from the Senuke Url Manager, get the rss url and submit them to the Senuke rss submission, fill in the tags and headline, and press the submit button. (Ping as you go through various submissions)

Senuke Review Web2.0, social bookmarking is hot, people go on line for information and fun. Submit your articles to social bookmarking sites, with keywords in headlines but also make them appealing to the reader, so they will open up your sites out of interest.

I wanted my Senuke Review to show you how senuke will benefit you.
If you stuck on ideas, Senuke review can reveal that there is a niche research button and a batch research button, where you find all the low competition keywords and save the results for the future.

What other juicy bits can my Senuke Review reveal.

What do I really think of Senuke, the honest Senuke Review

I am still paying the membership, so unless I am making money as a result of Senuke Review, I am throwing my money away and really stupid so don’t listen to this Senuke Review either.Great Senuke Review, but can anyone use Senuke,

Have made sales already with out Senuke, with Senuke you are just automating the boring stuff.

Is Senuke legal
Yep, some of the users might be criminal but that is not the softwares fault

I am not techie, can I use Senuke,
God yes, the support and help is great so no worries.

Look, really think Senuke is fab, it ‘s just a brilliant tool to save time.

Don’t believe that Senuke is that good, check it out for free then see if it ‘s good or not.

Hope this Senuke review has helped you, but anyways why just try Senuke for a week for free….

Check Out Senuke Review

For more about me and my Senuke Review visit

Jerry is a champion in athletics, he has developed a fab body, by eating and training. No steroids, he is a firm believer in the fact that any one can have a perfect body if the want it enough.

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Digital Media Blitz – The Ultimate Internet Marketing Video Tutorials

Digital Media Blitz – The Ultimate Internet Marketing Video Tutorials
Who Else Wants To Learn The Latest Internet Marketing How To Tips, Tricks, and Techniques In Minutes, By Watching Us Show You How To Do It On Video, In Under 5 Minutes Each?
Digital Media Blitz – The Ultimate Internet Marketing Video Tutorials

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Weekly Spin Ready Articles: 50% Recurring Commissions Converts 4.1%.

Backlink Bomb Seo software for thousands of Backlinks
Explode your sites pottential and never worry about competition again The auto BacklinkBomb generates Thousands of backlinks, free up your time and shooting your site infront of your competition making it burst with targeted traffic
Backlink Bomb Seo software for thousands of Backlinks

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Search Engine Optimization SEO Tutorial — WebBizIdeas – Search Engine Optimization SEO Tutorial by WebBizIdeas is for beginners. We will cover SEO techniques that you can use TODAY that will increase your search engine rankings. We will go over the definition of search engine optimization, organic results, PPC, keyword research, competition research, competition analysis, on page & off page optimization, Meta tags, header tags, keyword density, URLs, site maps, xml site maps, google webmaster tools, link development, directory submission, local directories, online yellow pages, one-way links, two-way links, three-way links, article submission, rss feed distribution, blog submission, and online press release optimization.
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Google I/O 2010 – SEO site advice from the experts Tech Talks Matt Cutts, Greg Grothaus, Evan Roseman A perfect opportunity to get your website reviewed by the experts in the Google Search Quality team. Attendees can get concrete search engine optimization (SEO) feedback on their own sites. We’ll also answer real-life questions that affect developers when it comes to optimizing their websites for search. For all I/O 2010 sessions, please go to
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What is search engine optimization

In this article I have tried to serve the purpose of Amatuer Seo
professionals. What Is Search Engine
Optimization Basically, search engine optimization
in india,is making your website visible and relevant to both
search engines and search engine users. How is this done? The
Basics of Good website
Optimization for search engines. Good search engine
optimization is very basic. A successful search engine
optimization campaign will contain these listed points:
Content Content is what makes search engine rankings
higher, Content brings users to your site, and content, when
distributed properly with keyword phrases, will help search
engine spiders. Content is key in search engine optimization.
Sober CSS Design Sites that are successful in the search
engine results have this in common-they are all simply designed,
with a minimum graphics, slowly loading animations, and are easy
to navigate. Simple, clean designs are what search engine
spiders and search engine users like, because it enables them to
get to what they’re looking for. Good Meta tags Meta
tags-keyword, description, and title- are important but not so
important, Meta tags are merely part of the overall success
strategy. They need to be written with compelling, keyword
phrase-heavy content that will make the user click through from
the search results page. Search Engine Optimization Sure, you
can get really complicated and technical with SEO, just like any
other subject. However, search engine optimization at its heart
is simple and clean. Don’t worry so much about the scary
technical stuff if you’re just starting out. Start slowly, read,
learn, read some more.Most of all, be patient with yourself.
Learning search engine optimization takes time, just like any
other subject.

Webmaster –,

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SEO Article – SEO Optimize Your Website. Free SEO / Search Engine Optimization Lessons / Video. Need Help?

So you want to SEO your website. You and thousands of others. There is no magic potion or tricks to SEO. I hate to bore you but SEO is just math. If you know how Google does their math to rank websites then guess what? Your on your way to the first Google search results page and an increase in sales big time.

I found a few websites that are extremely helpful to the internet marketer and website owner. If you are having a problem with your website not showing up in Google search for your products, then you might as well not even have a website.

Does your website get minimal traffic and you don’t know why? There are a lot of questions on this subject, but I am not here to answer them. I will refer you to the experts and the best online sources where I learned my SEO skills.

I will also be telling you about how I increased traffic to my website by taking a couple of online Google Adwords and Article Marketing classes.

You can take a Google Adwords Class or a Article Marketing class online in one evening for the condensed version of the course.

I don’t want to overwhelm you so I will give you three things that will improve your knowledge on this subject beyond belief. Later on when I update this article I will be offer more info on improving your ranking on Google.

The top things I recommend you do first is to help your ranking:

Take the Article Marketing Course & Adwords Pro at WA by clicking here. Watch this SEO Video Stop back by the website and leave your feedback and let us know what you thought. If you found this article helpful please say so to let others know.

Bookmark this article now. It will be updated often.

You will see future articles on:

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I wish you luck and hope you stop back by for updates and to leave your feedback.


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