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SEnuke Discount

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  2. Click the above link and sign up, once you have done that you will be able to get SE Nuke for only $67 for the first five weeks of membership.

SEnuke Bonus

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Essentially, it’s a new generation SEO software created by Joe Russell and Areeb Bajwa. I haven’t heard of these guys before but they’re not important as the purpose of this review is to look at the software and see what kind of benefits it can offer to the users.

I finally got around to trying out SE nuke this month. I’ve looked at it a few times and never bothered but SEnuke review with the doors closing soon I thought I’d better take advantage of the free trial before the chance was gone for good.

There’s good reasons for your lack of success with the Search Engines. There are all these other sites that are older, more established, more credible or have an advertising budget that rivals your yearly income. You’re doing the best you can with the resources you have.

SEnuke Lets You:

* Automate SEO tasks – Things that used to take 8 hours now take 15 minutes!

* Develop tons of unique content fast and super easy, even if you’re not a copywriter

* Research markets with confidence – with the easiest to understand keyword research module in the industry

* (NEW!) Web 2.0 profile manager helps you build profiles (and linkwheels) on over 500 sites automatically

* Socially bookmark all your sites with ease and automation

* Manage, organize, sort, and ping all the URLs you’re creating simply and automatically

* And tons more…

SE Nuke opened up an entire new door for me when it comes to productivity and understanding content syndication for the sake of driving traffic to my sites. It also helped me come around full circle on how my content syndication and social marketing efforts tie together and work hand-in-hand. SE Nuke is a very powerful piece of software with a very attentive ownership group and support staff. My entire internet marketing traffic generation process has forever changed (for the better) because of the product SENuke. I know that there are a few other alternatives out and I may check some of those out for in the future so we have a real good comparison here. BUT, I gotta tell you, I spent hours upon hours researching the software and the results from users and no comparable product had the rave reviews that SENuke had. So, after about 20 or so hours of research I bit the bullet and have been going strong with SENuke ever since!

The submission speed of articles, rss feeds, web 2.0 properties, videos and more make SENuke a must have in my opinion. Never before have I been able to crank out so much content so quickly as I have been able to with SENuke. It does have a bit of a learning curve, but considering the amount of information found on their website and the speedy support of their team, I think just about anyone can get up and running with this software in no time at all. Believe me, considering all that is involved in running a day to day internet marketing business, anything that can save time is definitely welcome!

SE nuke works on a monthly subscription basis and all in all it seems that it is worth the price it charges. Since it is a holistic service that takes care of everything from the article generation to spinning and submission, SEnuke is well worth the monthly subscription price. SEnuke also offers a great affiliate program with 30% commissions which is automatic once you sign up for the service itself. A quick Google search would reveal that there are raving fans and reviews for this software. I have personally use this for my own marketing efforts and have found it to be fantastic, works like a dream and delivers all that it promised to do.


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  1. AJ Says:

    For anyone trying to learn SEO, make it easy for yourself… this application is the total package.

  2. Brandon Says:

    I can’t say enough good things about this software and the support behind it

  3. Ray E Says:

    Even with a crappy article I hit the first page of google for a search term, with 44,500 competing pages, without quotes, in a pretty competitive market.

  4. C. Dittemore Says:

    This thing kicks butt!

    It’s simple enough for beginners, but it provides the type of leverage for advanced marketers.

    You definitely are putting yourself on the map with this haus of a program.

    My favorite feature is the easy competition checker that tells me in SECONDS if it makes sense for me to enter a market.

    I haven’t seen anything like this and I always have my ear to the ground.

  5. peter sorensky Says:

    Senuke is best toolls i ever buy , Thank

  6. Buy Web Site Traffic Says:

    I have tried both BruteForceSEO and SENuke and I have to say, SENuke wins hands down.

    Also, Thanks heaps for providing this SEO resource and the awesome discount you have secured for us.


  7. Virtual Assistant Says:

    Whats the cost for SEnuke?

  8. EasyExtraMoney Says:

    This is the most amazing website promotion tool I’ve ever come across. Any internet marketer worth their salt, should have a copy. Ever thought that getting a page 1 Google ranking was a pipe dream? Well, with this software it is possible.

  9. Ciara Nikula Says:

    Thanks for the post! People are crazy for not using more Articles.

  10. mxyzplk Says:

    what kind of discount??? SEnuke price is $67 and 7 days free???

  11. admin Says:

    $67 (Risk Free) for first 35 days or
    7 Day free trial then the $127 per month, it’s up to you!

    I recommend the $67 per month option, as this will give you time to really put senuke to use and make some cash back on your purchase.

  12. Riva Kuretich Says:

    I’ve created many ebooks (Clickbank) and Adsense sites that have done pretty well. But one of my more recent sites isn’t doing too well traffic-wise or income wise.

  13. LinkJuicer28 Says:

    I must say i think a good link building campaign is essential for the optimisation of your website. To be frank I rekon that a good backlink building campaign is a lot more essential for your rankings than optimise your blog itself…..

  14. Jenny Says:

    That is quality info tx. Any body know of a reliable search engine marketing company who won’t do a sub-standard job?? I have got soooooo much search engine marketing work to do and not enough time….. Time to pay someone to help.

  15. xenon Says:

    I use se nuke for my websites and I think this is one of the best software ever created! I’m still learning, but I’m really impressed with it! Hope the price get lower so more people can afford it. 🙂

  16. indovision Says:

    Thanks for the information SENuke

  17. Farah Misiaszek Says:

    Love the post! I was searching for web traffic and traffic exchange related articles when I came across your website post by accident on Google. This is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks for the share. I’ve saved this post for future reference 🙂 Nice article – Thanks

  18. Patty Barndt Says:

    It’s nice site and nice content.

  19. mike Says:

    1-Can SEnuke automatically create profiles, or do I have to manually create profiles for youtube, digg, etc?

    2-When submitting, does SEnuke submit through different IP addresses ?

  20. admin Says:

    1. Yes senuke automatically creates profiles on most web 2.0 site including youtube, digg etc.

    2. Senuke Submits using your IP unless your using IP hider or TOR network utilitu.

  21. Myrle Laguardia Says:

    Lately I have been doing a lot of directory submissions to build up my backlinks. I write an article and then submit it to the following sites for approval: 1. (constanly crawled by google) 2. (huge site, lots of traffic) 3. (tweets articles + quick indexing) 4. (easy to submit to) 5. (has a high PR and is very popular) By submitting articles to those sites, i have recieved a lot of traffic. Especially from because i get traffic not only from my article, but they tweet it to a following based on your keyword and as a result I get traffic from twitter as well. Hope that helps!

  22. Christian Deblois Says:

    you can make a presence for yourself in a variety of article directories. Once you do this though, you will be able to take advantage of some of the traffic that comes from thousands of people visiting such websites, looking for information, on a daily basis.

  23. Maxwell Diveley Says:

    They are different tools. SENuke is gerneally used for making linkwheels, and SEO elite is good for finding backlinks and such.

  24. Quincy Says:

    Wish it was just a fixed price instead of a recurring one just like Market Samurai, which is a brilliant program as well.

  25. Gustavo Auckerman Says:

    Twitter gave me a HUGE boost in the Google rankings

  26. Julissa Rapelyea Says:

    Nice opinion. I found your blog through google while i was researching for web hosting. I will recommend your site to other people and I am sure they hopefully think the same about your writing on this site.

  27. Sheron Coldren Says:

    SEO copywriting is an excitement, rather new niche in freelance writing. Your writting style is very SEO friendly. Good work 🙂 Any tips?

  28. the best seo software Says:

    Senuke is one of the best seo software I know. I’ve been using it for years and all of my sites are very successful.

  29. Johnny Says:

    I never could have thought that such a software existed

  30. Mr: Vietnam tours Says:

    I do not know about the SEO before I read this Article. thank you very much, very informative, useful. I hope I can do better after reading your article.

  31. admin Says:

    There is no reason why you cant do SEO yourself, especially if you use an automation tool like senuke or BruteForceSEO.

  32. Glen Woodfin Says:

    SE Nuke looks very tempting. Automation sounds like a dream.

  33. jase Says:

    Hi software but I have to say I prefer Bruteforce SEO to senuke.

  34. Rate My Muscles Says:

    senuke worked miracles for me. I’d recommend it to anyone

  35. MarketingMachine Says:

    1) How can I effectively use content and articles to promote anchortexts, links etc to websites in different languages?

    2) Is this permitted in SENuke?

  36. Seo Chicago Says:

    Hi There,

    Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the visibility of a website.


  37. Tax Credits Online Says:

    Been working on starting an online business and SEO is the route that I have chosen to promote some of the projects I am working on. This piece of software is extremely helpful! Worth checking out.

  38. Brian Says:

    Is that $67 for 5 weeks still good? I go to your link and it us just a regular affiliate website for SENuke. And if I can still do that, can I switch it over to the full version after 5 weeks, and will I get to upgrade to X at the same price of $127 a month?

  39. Ken Says:

    so is this offer still good? i want to buy SE NUke so let me know…

  40. CrasyMind Says:

    I am considering of buying senuke. This is awesome.

  41. Ontario News24 Says:

    fantastic offer. cant wait to get paid to join. I have much about this stuff

  42. Alchemy Cheats Says:

    I’m planning to buy Senuke X pretty soon. this should help.

  43. Phones Review Says:

    Software that is very impressive. web software could use some of this?

  44. Ron Sayegh Says:

    loving the trial sofar! Thanks Nukers!

  45. Walks Says:

    great software that WORKS!

  46. KittyKraze Says:

    Ok I read a comment about link wheels and backlinks. This software only deals with link wheels am I correct? It does not find backlinks like SEO elite? I just wish I could afford these. I was spent after buying IBP for a year which is ok but someone tell me the truth if these are a million times better then IBP Please. Thanks!

  47. Ken Nelson Says:

    Is this really that good? How easy is it to use?

  48. Webwinkel beginnen Says:

    Thank you for this! Great software 🙂


    Is this software better than SEO Elite? Does anyone know if I can get any helpful videos from any good 3rd party user, I’m willing to pay. I think I’m going to trial this senuke out but as an extension of what I am already doing for my house extensions website. Let’s see. Thanks for all the useful information. Faisal

  50. WebHostingVouchers Says:

    Awesome deal, Senuke is definately the best application out there for automated SEO work, looking forward to getting this good deal soon.

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