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Search Engine Marketing, Standing Above the Rest

Introducing the Searchlinqs.com Web Blog.As a member of the searchlinqs Internet Marketing team, it’s an exciting time to be a part of our emerging Internet Advertising Industry. Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Search Engine Placement (SEP) & Search Engine Optimization (SEO) are shaping the way we work, play, shop and market ourselves online. That’s a pretty big statement to make! The content that appears on Google, Yahoo and MSN are by no means accidental or arbitrary. The algorithm/formula for sorting what appears on the Search Engines, are closely guarded secrets worth millions of dollars of marketing revenue and can turn the most obscure site or gossip into international results.Much like a newspaper editor or publicist, a decision is made on what content is relevant or invisible to the rest of us. The search engine results only begin with the selected keywords entered into a Search Engine. Careful observation and analysis of those search results are part what the SEO industry and Search Engine Optimization companies do. Google, Yahoo and MSN has become the defacto portals and gatekeepers for the online service world. The sheer volume-combinations of search terms, keywords and related keywords can only be managed by software agents. When these giants move, the Search Engine universe shudders. Google has released no less than 10 updates in the last 2 years; each change shapes the search engine landscape.We have created this SEO blog to showcase Internet Advertising, Internet Marketing tools, showcase Tutorials & Recent Articles, Keyword research strategies and offer opinions on that we feel are major issues affecting our industry. We hope that you find us a useful source and hope you visit us often. Search-Engine-Man www.searchlinqs.com

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Search Engine Optimization Tips for Blogspot blogger?

Melayu Boleh Online asked:

From what I read SEO is a very good way to gain ranking in search engine like Google and Yahoo. The problem is I use free blog service by Blogspot and want to optimize it.

So is there any tips about search engine optimization tips for Blogspot blogger that easy to apply.

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what are different search engine optimization techniques ?

Paloma asked:

I have a website for my company, we have not done any onsite/offsite optimizations ,what are the different things I have to do to improve my search ranking in google ,yahoo and bing

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Need More Traffic? Search Engine Optimization!

Well, this is not enough to have an attractive website to show company products/services on internet to get business nationally or internationally. If company products or services are not advertised then definitely there will be no awareness of its existence in the market. Same is the case with online websites. There are many ways to advertise a website for its awareness in the market. One of the most common ways, which is increasing rapidly, is the Search Engine Optimization as a part of Search Engine Marketing. When we need to get information of foreign universities, national or international job opportunities, worldwide news, latest technology products, customers from all over the world and many more; we turn towards Search Engines like Google.com or Yahoo.com etc. Search Engine is a tool for searching information on the internet by giving topic as keyword(s) which returns the relevant websites.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the amount and quality of traffic to a website by making its contents Search Engine friendly. In Search Engine Optimization a website is prepared and altered to make it as compatible as possible with Search Engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN and it also focuses the contents to the keywords and key phrases desired by the customers. It is preferred to get optimization of a website during its construction because structure of the website is to be designed according to the rules and regulations of search engines but it can also be optimized after publishing a website on internet. Many website designing and development companies in Pakistan are offering Search Engine Optimization service during construction of website and even after designing and publishing of a website. These companies can be easily found through Search Engines by putting any keyword like “Search Engine Optimization in Pakistan” or “SEO experts in Pakistan”.

Many small and large entrepreneurs are focusing on online services like online shopping, fashion boutiques, hotels & accommodation, event management, real estate, travel agencies, outsourcing and different unique services. Entrepreneurs get developed their company website but forget to invest on its Search Engine Optimization. They either don’t know about it or they are unaware of its importance. From now on, job of SEO experts starts to follow rules and regulations of famous Search Engines to make available optimized website against keywords by the visitors in a search engine. Although there may be thousands of competitors of a particular website with its products or services but only those websites will be seen in Search Engines’ top results which will be properly optimized. Many Search Engines maintain database of new & old websites automatically and many store information manually but it depends on the algorithm of the Search Engine that how do they operate.

Search Engines work by following this specific order i.e. Web crawling, Indexing and Searching. Web crawling is the process in which a crawler (also known as Spider- a program that browses websites automatically) visits all available links of a website to store information of its webpages. Search Engines’ crawlers continuously crawl websites after specific time to get its up-to-date information to make it available on the keywords by the search engine users. Normally Google takes 20 days and Yahoo takes 30 days to revisit a website for its latest information. Indexing collects and stores data of websites for its fast and accurate information retrieval. Search Engines usually extract information of the website from its title, description, heading, special fields (meta-data) and file names. When a keyword or keyphrase is entered in a search engine to search information then the keyword is checked against the search engine’s index of all the web pages it has analyzed. The best URLs (Uniform Resource Locator) are then returned as hits and ranked in order with the best results at the top as process of Searching.

While optimizing a website, two important aspects of Search Engines should never be forgotten: Robots.txt and Sitemap. Robot.txt is being used to prevent access of web spiders to different parts of the website for its publicity. So spiders will leave those webpages which will be mentioned in the Robots.txt at the root directory of uploaded website on the internet. Sitemap is used to inform Search Engines about available webpages on a website for its crawling. Sitemap also facilitates to mention webpage’s importance and date of last modification so that Search Engines can crawl it easily to get latest information available on the website.

Many of SEO Experts play tricks with Search Engine to come into top ranking which is known as Black-hat or Spamdexing but famous Search Engines do not follow one algorithm to rank websites. People should avoid such tricks because if a website is found doing such activities then it is very difficult to get good ranking in famous Search Engines and more importantly a website can loose the trust of visitors if they are not able to find their required information on the website.

Search Engine Optimization plays a vital role to increase traffic of relevant visits to the company website that in turn, increases the visits of potential customers as well. This helps to attain major objective of the website i.e., online business. If you are planning to build a new website, you must optimize your website according to SEO rules and regulations during its construction. If your company already has a website then it must be optimized to get good ranking in Search Engines and more customers from all over the world.

[Article by M. Munir Bhatti]

By: M Munir Bhatti

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what should I do to be a real expert in search engine optimization, google sponsored like and these staff?

Ari_26 asked:

I was wondering if there is any sources to learn all the necessary things about search engine optimization. Thanks

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Ernest The Search Engine

Muddyboy asked:

More Videos on www.video-casts.com Australia’s Comedy Inc produces another great Ernest the Engine sketch. In this clip he takes on google. … comedy inc australia nine ernest engine swearing steve stevie steam train stuttering funny search google

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Search Engine Optimization Strategies (SEO) Part 2 – Page Content, Tags, and Keywords

culvershawn asked:

www.makecashnow.biz Article Review of Search Engine Optimization Strategies (SEO)Part 2. Article covers Page Content, Tags, and Keywords. Everything on search engine optimization of pages by using optimized page title tags, description tags, meta tags, keywords, key word tools, increasing page rank, and content. Also how to properly use and create tags and keywords, and increase your website page rank on search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN, and Dogpile. Includes SEO Tips and Strategies as …

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Search Engine Optimisation UK

Links are what seem to make the internet go ‘round and they certainly make it quick and easy to get from one page to another, or follow up on some background information on offer. However, when it comes to optimising your website and ranking well with major search engines like Google you will benefit from knowing as much as possible about the different links you can incorporate into your website’s design, and what each one can achieve.

The two main types of links your website should have to ensure its search engine optimisation, are one way links and reciprocal links.

One way links are exactly what they sound like, a link which is only a one way street, but the direction of that linking street is what is important to your website’s optimisation success, when all roads lead to your site. While one way links seem to be going against the grain of the interconnected nature of the internet, this sort of link building can actually be highly beneficial if you can achieve it in the first place.

However, the reason why one way links are so beneficial is actually the same reason they can be so hard to secure – having one way links, coming into your website means that your site is somewhere worth being, and therefore somewhere worth linking to. This is what search engines like to see as they only want to rank sites well which will be helpful to their searchers and if numerous other web users have deemed your site useful enough to link to, then the search engine gives this a lot of weight when determining your ranking.

To achieve one way links to your website though, you have to put in the hard work as there are no shortcuts to make users think your website is useful and informative when it isn’t. But it’s not impossible, as a dedicated SEO expert should be able to help your website reap the benefits of one way links.

Reciprocal links to your website however, are those which you actively seek from other websites, in return for your site linking back to theirs too. In reciprocating links to and from your own website, you are actively choosing to be associated with these other sites. This is why reciprocal links can actually sometimes do more harm than good to your site, because quality – as always – is more important than quantity.

This means that the websites you reciprocate links with must be relevant to your own website, company, business and online presence as while linking between sites is seen as a good thing by most search engines, this is only true if it is helpful to your website visitors. Reciprocating links with websites similar to your own will mean that the sites you link to will be just as helpful and relevant to your visitors as your own site, therefore in recommending your site to search engine users by awarding it a high ranking, the search engine knows there is plenty of useful, helpful and relevant information there for its searchers.

Building links into, and into and out of your website can help you move steadily up the most popular search engine rankings for your keywords. However, if overused or used incorrectly, link building can actually have the opposite effect, so now that you know the benefits of increasing your link popularity, seek out expert SEO advice on how to make links work for your site.

Search Engine Optimisation is a UK based company dedicated to getting your business into the top results on all the major search engines and keeping you there. At Search Engine Optimisation we can work with you to improve and optimise your existing website design, or offer you a leasing package on one of our established websites, already fully optimised and continually updated with new content and fresh designs. Regardless of your industry, the size or nature of your business or where you operate Search Engine Optimisation is committed to building and maintaining your online presence.

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