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Does Search Engine Optimization software work?

bitingfly asked:

Poking around on EBAY, I found some software that says it can SEO any website using search optimization “spiders”
Do these programs work?

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Lawn Care Business Website Search Engine Optimization Tips – GopherHaul Podcast

TeamGopher asked:

www.gopherforum.com Search engine optimization 101 for lawn care businesses. – GopherHaul Podcast You can put together a great looking site but people need to find it when they are searching for lawn service. How do you get your site to appear when a potential customer is looking for lawn care service? You need to know what they are looking for and you need to give them what they want. The keyword here, is keywords! What are your keywords? Well say for instance you lived in Denver, Co and …

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Where do you put key words on your website for search engine optimization?

Auntie Ruth asked:

I’m building a website, very new to this. Where do I put the key words on the page so that my website will be found in the search engine when those words are typed in?

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What is a sitemap regarding Search engine Optimization?

prem c asked:

I want to make my website as search engine friendly, while reading information Search engine optimization i have found sitemap word.
please can any one let me know what is the sitemap.

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