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Does Search Engine Optimization software work?

bitingfly asked:

Poking around on EBAY, I found some software that says it can SEO any website using search optimization “spiders”
Do these programs work?

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earncashdaily asked:

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Where do you put key words on your website for search engine optimization?

Auntie Ruth asked:

I’m building a website, very new to this. Where do I put the key words on the page so that my website will be found in the search engine when those words are typed in?

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Search Engine Optimisation – Keywords

musosmiffy asked:

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What are the average monthly costs for website marketing and search engine optimization?

dtmorgan99 asked:

I want to start a website that will be a tool (like facebook, wikipedia, etc) and my brother tells me that it will cost 10,000 a month to advertise, market, and search engine optimize a month. From everything I have read this seems way off base…can you provide some insight into this for me?


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The Top 10 SEO Mistakes ~ #1: Keyword Research

seomistakes asked:

This video demonstrates how to conduct your own keyword research for your own website SEO (Search Engine Optimization), explaining how to use one of the best free keyword research tools (Wordtracker) and showing how you should choose your keywords. Visit top10seomistakes.com to find out more.

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