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Does anyone know the best online resources for Search Engine Optimization?

Sarah J asked:

I work for a small company and our web site is ranked very low in the search engines. The problem is that we are in the very competitive software business. I was wondering if anyone knew any sites to get me started on Search Engine Optimization. I know the basics, and could use a lot of help. Thanks so much.

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  1. Lawn Gnome Says:

    Build your own bot, just like Microsoft,Google,Yahoo,Ask,Apple,Norton and everyone else does. Make it a data bot that drops tags on every visit. This is commonly known as a virus, but there are good virus and there is bad virus, all depends on which Anti Virus you pay for.

  2. ye Says:

    Check out the links below:

    The services offered coutld be costly but if you research to find the best price, all will work out for your comany in the long run.

    Hope this helps.

    God Bless…..

  3. Tracy Wan Says:

    There are SEO stuffs here

  4. linkme2mrseo Says:

    There are articles, a forum and a podcast that teaches SEO

  5. everythingmontreal Says:

    Here are two.

  6. Bernard Says:

    That are 2 commons strategy to attract traffic to your website. Pap Per Click and FREE submission.

    If you plan to spend money to attract traffic, the most reliable is Yahoo Pay Per Click and Google Adwords. You can get a highly targeted traffic with just a few penny. The best part is you can control the amount you willing to pay.

    Please don’t buy email and do spamming. You might ban from the cyberspace!

    Ok, that is about Pay Per Clik . Let me share with you about FREE online marketing.

    1.Blog- The Most talk about tools that attract high traffic. If you have own website with a sales pages, you can link to your Blog. You must try Blog! I have personally try out the strategy and rank in google 1st page in 2 weeks!

    2.Submit articles- Write something about your industry and send to following sites. Nowaday Link is the KING
    a) PRWEB-
    This is a pay option sites, you can only submit 10 FREE articles

    b) Ezinesarticles –
    FREE but have pay version

    c) ArticlesDashboard-
    FREE submit articles

    d) Digg –
    FREE Submit articles
    If you articles is very unique and popular, prepared to receive a lot of traffic.

    3. Participate in forum that related your industry. Give a relevant comment and don’t forget to put your website link.

    4.Last and not least remember to submit your website to Google, MSN and Yahoo. That is a lot of small search engine, but if you able to index is these 3 search engine. That will be good enough to attract High Traffic.

    I have personally tried out the above strategy and my blog is listed in 1st page of Google in 2 weeks. The result is AWESOME!

    You can see 2 of my Blog bleow. Please give a comments if any. Thanks

    Hope this information help. Good Luck!

  7. x2010solu Says:

    I have been receiving an email course from this guy named Brad Callen. He is an expert at SEO and his courses are truly invaluable. In my opinion I think he is probably the best person to help you.

  8. moshe4151 Says:

    Here are 3 sites that you can start with:

    1) SEM Basics —
    Great search marketing tutorials and search engine marketing blog

    2) SEOMoz —
    One of the best search related blogs out there

    3) Search Engine Watch Forum —
    A great forum, excellent place to ask questions.

    After that, check out

    This page will keep you up-to-date with the latest theories and practices as “preached” by 16 of the most important search marketing related blogs online today.

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