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from where i can learn about search engine optimization?

nistha k asked:

please tell me institue name or any coaching center name which provides knowledge of search engine optimization.suggest me what can i do for learning basic terms of SEO.

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  1. John Says:

    There are NO brick and mortar institutes that teach SEO. And the ones that do just rip you off.

    Start by reading the About page of Google to get a history.

    Sign up at and the forum is very helpful there.

  2. linkme2mrseo Says:

    That is easy. Mr-SEO offers a free podcast on SEO, tutorials, forum and articles all dedicated to helping people to understand SEO

  3. ajg_hose Says:

    I think it depends on how aggressive you want to be. As far as I know there aren’t any universities that have courses on SEO. (Although I heard a rumor that some universities in Canada are starting to offer courses).

    If you are just starting out, I would read the information on and start reading blogs about SEO. You will gain some great information there.

    If you are very serious about learning SEO, I would attend a Search Engine Strategies conference,.

  4. rickees Says:

    Search Engine Workshops is a good place to start. In addition to the workshops they do around the country (which can be pricey), they offer online instruction for a lot less money. Check the links below.

    No, I’m not associated with them, but I did take one of their online courses, which I found extremely good.

  5. annbest711 Says:

    Build links for other sites to yours! I use an EZ program that finds good sites, send out an email invite to trade links and even builds the link pages.

    Once you have other sites pointing at your site, rankings zoom up! I know, I did it and my Adsense income runs about $25 per day!

    It takes time! But, it really works!
    Also, check out the FREE website award program thru the second link below.

  6. EhealthEWealth Says:

    Get “Search Engine Optimization Made Easy” FREE

    Get “Google Adwords Made Easy” FREE

    Go to

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