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How can I learn about search engine optimization for my physical therapy clinic website?

Ron C asked:

I want to drive more traffic to my website which is purely informational. I need to do it cheaply. Any ideas?
I was really hoping for something specific about how to drive traffic to a website for a local business. I could care less if someone in South Dakota visits my website. My business is in southern California. Until they are a patient needing physical therapy living near one of my offices in Orange County, they do not count because they will not come into my office three days a week for four weeks to get physical therapy.

Maybe I don’t get it, but much of what I have read so far does not seem to fit my situation. Does anyone have any specific answers?

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  1. strawberrishadow Says:

    How about using a search engine?

    Type in “how to search engine optimazation”

  2. Khashar Trading Co. Says:

    goto and Search for SEO you will find much relevant results to learn about search engine optimization

  3. Greg G Says:

    A purely informational site is the best type of site for search engines and visitors. Content is King!

    Make sure you registered for local searches on the major search engines. This works great for a local business.

    Go to and read all of the free information they provide for webmasters.

    This should get you started. Search engine optimization is not brain surgery and can be done inexpensively. It will take some time to get your website developed correctly, but not a lot of money.

  4. Sharing Mind Says:

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  5. emugits Says:

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  6. #1 Internet Advertising Agency Says:

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  7. SEO Guy Says:

    I’d start with SEO Fast Start which is free

    Or SEO Book which is $79

    Both are cheap, but that doesn’t mean results will be quick or easy.

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