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wilreynolds asked:

Wil Reynolds explains how to capture links and the value of content to earn deep links while at the Affiliate Summit.

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  1. wearealltubes Says:

    Wikipedia has nofollow everywhere and we all know how valuable a link from that site is!

  2. slicksterdave Says:

    one of the strategies you suggested about link exchange is actually wrong.

    Google’s servers check for keyword relations between source and destinations during links, both 1-way and 2-way.

    Lower relations mean diminishing your pagerank-related reputation/score.

    Just thought people should know that before they start to plaster the internet with UN-related domains they’re using to redirect content to their less popular websites.

  3. freeaman Says:

    good video. Cheers

  4. TheWealthyPromoter Says:

    Ok after over a week of deliberating over SocialBlaster, I made my decision today to go with this has been the next best decision I have made in a long time.

    Simple, and very effective…update to 40 + networks with multiple accounts

    NO MORE iMACROS bullchyt for me…THANK GOD!!

  5. clees3161 Says:

    NOFOLLOW doesn’t really mean that google doesn’t follow the link. It just means that PR is not passed. Google still reads the text and thus it has significance. Yahoo doesn’t care about nofollow. I build site just for yahoo and use nofollow links to achieve easy rankings. Also, check the “buy viagra” niche and you’ll see there isn’t a single “natural” link profile on the first 4 pages, yet google consistently ranks these pages!

  6. wilreynolds Says:

    I think it was SEO Quake that I was referring to here.

  7. MegaCommenter Says:

    I Agree.Link Building is an important process that increases your website popularity, it is a one-time investment that saves a lot of advertising expenditure and your time. It greatly affects your websites page ranking on different search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN and others.

  8. tehmushroom Says:

    Could you tell me which tool/ff addon you mentioned in the video? I thought I heard SEO chat, but couldn’t find the add on.


    in my continued research my biggest comp are doing the same thing it turns out they have paid banner adds on a forum and the link is counted as inbound back link and the rest of there links are from the hundred pages interlinking to pages in there own site . the top sites in my topic all do this. Are the banner links sitewide – would i be better to have a keyphrase term link on the one page that is word specific in the url? do banner adds help seo or just drivin traffic?


    thank you for the reply – i just used your tip and found out what my biggest competitor has in links . They have a google backlink listing of hundreds half are withing there own site and they have about a hundred pages …it seems that having tons of pages all with links to the other pages is counting as backlinks?
    My seopen result show 1 link listed on google , Yet yahoo shows hundreds , msn 0, if google shows 1 backlink am i loosing out because they dont show them all?

  11. wilreynolds Says:

    I don’t know specifically but it is not the number of backlinks it is the quality. So if half are from a forum site, more than likely google is not counting all of them with the same weight, look up “sitewides” and you’ll see that multiple links coming from the same domain get devalued.

  12. wilreynolds Says:

    Jeff, I really like this idea, next time I record a video maybe I can touch on this a bit more. THx!

  13. wilreynolds Says:

    my pleasure. I’m looking forward to having more to post soon.


    looking at a major competitor i see they have hundreds of backlinks half are from pages in there own website and the rest are from a forum site, and yet i have NONE and i know of dozens that exist and arnt listed by google let alone others…what gives?

  15. JeffSMills Says:

    It would be swell of you to discuss how to create a natural linking profile. Google will get better at sniffing out off-page SEO campaigns. Some things to consider in simulating natural linking might be anchor text variation, link acquisition rate congruent with traffic, mix of do/no-follow links, some exposed url links… getting the link mix & ratio right as not to draw attention to an ill advised off-page SEO campaign.

  16. mair31 Says:

    yeha great thought

  17. mair31 Says:

    yeh a great thought specifically for the begginers

  18. rajib2k5 Says:

    thank you for sharing your ideas

  19. wilreynolds Says:

    Best of luck with your SEO company, glad I can help a bit,

  20. luckycharm3366 Says:

    I learned a lot frmo this, Thanks Will. I recently started my own SEO company and enjoy learning from you

  21. wilreynolds Says:

    I just deleted those awful comments. Sorry they were around for so long.

  22. wilreynolds Says:

    Glad you are getting it Colloseusx

  23. wilreynolds Says:

    Thank you! Just now seeing this comment.

  24. avzull Says:

    hegemonies! No one cares 🙂

  25. djschum84 Says:

    How does this help when you can’t see what he is doing??

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