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Mainstream is using Internet Marketing!

RCSuperPowers asked:

More details and videos at our Business BLOG: Here is just another example how “mainstream” is coming to the internet. FORD is using the young internet community to create a buzz for their new Fiesta. More details at out BLOG: BUSINESS BLOG: Mike’s Websites: http Website… http Twitter…… Live 24/7.. . … Ford fiesta movement realitymastermind bartendla internet marketing …

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  1. CarboncopyPROHomeBiz Says:

    Awesme Vid, Very helpful, Check out a few of mine 🙂

  2. moneymakergirlie Says:

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  3. TheWealthyPromoter Says:

    I just started using this software called socialblaster and it has been the best decision I have made in a long time. I see your marketing alot on youtube and wanted to tell you about a technique that automates marketing across 40 + social networks with multiple accounts, send scheduled text updates with links to 40 social networks on sites like tiwtter and many more. SEO along with social marketing is very powerful stuff.

  4. MattRYM Says:

    Pretty cool content !

  5. rabnesslp Says:

    Nice video. Hope we can connect as I am an entrepreneur also. Check out my videos and add me as a friend/subscribe to my channel if you like. Have a great day!

  6. edanlws Says:

    Nice work. keep it up. mean time come for social media marketing for esteembpo**com

  7. RacerLamboMurcie18 Says:

    w.e, ford gm same thing… but evven in this tough economy, ford isnt doign really well either ,so why would they spend their money on trips to venice and givin away free cars

  8. wiclark5 Says:

    Ford didn’t recieve Bailout money, you nut!!

  9. RacerLamboMurcie18 Says:

    you know what i love about the new schedule? u actually reply to most comments and it just makes me want to comment on your videos more and watch mroe shows, so far, they are all interesting, the survival show, RC show and more, great job.

  10. minneflyer Says:

    If your friend that moved to St. Paul is into RC at all, I’d be more then happy to plug him/her into the RC circuit here in the Twin Cities!

  11. Mithr4s Says:

    Hey Powers, How do you do it. Your interests are so different in every way, you have to learn everything trough multiple sources,…
    Where do you get the time to do so?
    Is this your job? of do you have just loads of spare time? And what about quality time with the girlfriend? Every day a different show and different studies… How do you manage that?
    Great videos nevertheless! Keep up the awesome work.

  12. RCSuperPowers Says:

    I know huh!!!! Thats the first thing I said to Mike when he told me about this. I hope it pays off for Ford in the long run… I don’t think so but hey.

  13. RacerLamboMurcie18 Says:

    is this how Ford uses their bailout money? by giving out free trips to venice and free cars?

  14. RCSuperPowers Says:

    Oh very nice! Yes, thats a plan we have!

  15. bluedog1976 Says:

    Nice collar Dave, wont stop those magnetic gum trees attacking you planes tho…..LOL . Good on you for getting out there and doing all this.

  16. KZ1993 Says:

    well, 1 of them isn’t operational at the time, one is being repaired back into regular condition, one is our sunny day high powered show car and the other is our all purpose SUV

  17. airsoft1214 Says:

    you should do airsoft gun reviews on wednesdays

  18. RCSuperPowers Says:

    Its actually better for the RC guys and here is why. With the logistics in the background of how I plan, film, and edit all these, the new schedule allows me to film more and better RC videos every Friday
    Plus it pays bills so we can keep it up.
    For the past year we have been doing RC videos every single Friday (Saturday morning for some time zones) like clock work.
    We are STILL doing RC videos every Friday, NO CHANGE IN RC, same schedule.
    Just don’t come in and watch M-Th is all. No big deal.

  19. ApOsTle51 Says:

    I’m not saying it’s a bad idea , just saying it will attract a different audience to the current one, which is good from a buisiness pint of view, just not so good for us RC nuts 😉

  20. RCEbooks Says:

    As you had mentioned elsewhere, your hours-per-dollar worked borders on working in fastfood until your product goes on autopilot. 3 years is a good estimate, unless you’re the only one who came out with a Walkera helicopter eBook (hint) early 2004! Then the success ratio is just the opposite: Hot-to-slow over time. It depends on what the product is and the need for it. Selling an Ebook in 2004 to non-savvy **** viewers was a NIGHTMARE!

  21. RCEbooks Says:

    First of all Dave: If you think companies NEED to get on the net to market NOW… they’re already 8 years too late! The Amazon & Ebay models are a clue, they stole a major chunk of the biz right there. Secondly… as you mentioned about not going out, you hit on a major issue with me on that! The majority of the net buyers I get are INTERNET SHUT-INS who are disabled and on medications! Plus, it really crimps your time in the REAL world!

  22. RCSuperPowers Says:

    Ha, true! I know alot more about fitness than I do RC but am a totally survival newbee.

  23. RCSuperPowers Says:

    Thanks so much Joe! You are so nice!

  24. JoeFielding72 Says:

    Your Channel is the best. Its got it all. That has got to be cool to get a Ford to drive around and enjoy one of there awesome cars. I hope you all have a great Tuesday and I am going to be watching it all. God bless you all and your families.

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