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Mobile Visual Search Engine on the Apple iPhone

EvolutionRobotics asked:

Imagine you could search the Internet just by taking a picture of something, such snapping a picture of a music CD to look up reviews and listen to the tracks, instantly getting information on a product featured in a magazine, or looking up recommend places to visit by taking a picture of a famous landmark. Millions of mobile phone users can “visually search” the Internet today with the help of this revolutionary search engine powered by Evolution Robotics’ Visual Pattern Recognition …

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  1. xain145 Says:

    holly **** that was my fucking idea

  2. rabnesslp Says:

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  3. iwanaplayagame1 Says:

    Wouldn’t it be easier just to type “the matrix” in google? Takes 2 seconds.

  4. searchenginefirm Says:

    that is a pretty awesome app

  5. Chaseqws Says:

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  6. jsheskier Says:

    Snap Tell does this same exact thin, but you don’t have to email anything…you snap a picture and the info automatically pops up

  7. ceylonsilva Says:

    u should have change the BOOK though as a object man…it shows you as a some psycho…

  8. emailgrowth Says:

    Very good video. on my website you can have access to online texting for free. Send mulitple text messages in one click. Just go to my profile.

  9. salimandaxyz Says:

    isnt this just the camera app?

  10. MCRandA7Xown Says:

    some1 help my ***** is wet ;] m

  11. trischung Says:

    I don’t understand why you don’t make it as an application?!!

  12. stan3 Says:

    Nice Video lolz, my names Jessica, im feelin n0rty and h0rn3y if any guyz wana chat im usually on
    ___ ___ my username there is Jessica-jzempw chat soon 😉

  13. videodr0me Says:

    wats the email address for the server?

  14. zgmetty Says:

    It isnt really an app ;), you just mail a pic to a webserver,

    unless of course you mean that bit of software/..

  15. tesroz Says:

    ofcourse you can…you can do that on like first iPod nano hehe:D…

  16. aibomart Says:

    I mean download the pic from your computer

  17. skullbeetlepay Says:

    iphone is op

  18. kalibro1989 Says:

    :O wow next technology 😉 Iphone ruuulez xD

  19. tedued Says:

    wow~ cool

  20. 69Deakin Says:

    me encanta tu wea

  21. Ingve1234 Says:

    How does I get tha app?

    Is it freeware!?

  22. mymobilewebsitecouk Says:

    interesting stuff, I too have a youtube account to do with iphones and other various mobile phones that may be of interest, check it out: watch?v=ReaFPDHo1WY

  23. Dash2 Says:

    Looks great!

  24. Pyroquack Says:

    yeah, maybe you could have all the criminal pictures, and find out if sombody is about to mug you and rob your iphone!

  25. Lud0A Says:

    What about face recognition? Imagine you take pic of some persons face, then upload it, and that software search for it on the internet. That could be very usefull.

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