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Search Engine Optimization – How to Know If You Can Get Traffic and Rankings in Your Market

If you will get plenty of visitors to your site from the major search engines and make a lot of money you will definitely need to make sure you have the right market to make this happen. On this page I wish to show you exactly how to know if you’re able to get more rankings and get visitors to your site available in the market that you’re currently in.

The Biggest Mistake People Make With Search engine marketing

With regards to getting more visitors to your site you have to realize that the biggest mistake people make is they go into markets that they can’t get rankings in.

Not just that, the bigger problem is always that they focus on trying to find more rankings in those markets for too much time. I know of people that have been trying to get rankings in niches for years and they still can’t get into the top ten for the keywords actually targeting.

Doing this is frustrating and you really sure you aren’t getting caught in this trap as you will end up wasting lots of time and potential money.

Here Is The right way to Figure Out If you’re able to Get Visitors & Rankings In Your Market!

#1 – You really sure you are targeting the money keywords.

You have to realize that in every market there are money keywords that will drive visitors to your site who will buy from you.

Not every keyword will send you visitors who will buy what you will be selling so you have to make sure you only use the keywords you are sure that will send you visitors who will buy from you.

Even if the traffic volume is low for those search terms, that is okay! You will make more money from them than you would had you been getting visitors to your site from search terms that get plenty of traffic but give you no sales.

#2 – Actually need sure you could get enough links to get into the top ten for the search term you are targeting.

So what you have to do is go through the back links that the other marketers in your niche have who want to rank for the same search term. Then you need to see when you can go out into your market and get the same amount of links for your site.

If you believe you can and you know that the search term sends you visitors who will buy from you, focus on getting traffic from that keyword.

Make sure you focus your energies on that one search term and soon you get the results you are looking for! After that, start focusing on the other ones in your market.

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