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Search Engine Optimization Tips for Blogspot blogger?

Melayu Boleh Online asked:

From what I read SEO is a very good way to gain ranking in search engine like Google and Yahoo. The problem is I use free blog service by Blogspot and want to optimize it.

So is there any tips about search engine optimization tips for Blogspot blogger that easy to apply.

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  1. prema9 Says:

    Hi There

    It is very easy to optimise a blogspot blog for SEO.

    Heres the secret:

    1. make sure your main keyword you want to be optimised for is in your blog name if possible

    2. When making blog posts, make sure your post keyword appears in the post title, the heading, the first paragraph (preferably at the beginning of the first line of the post) and in the last paragraph of your post.

    3. Highlight or bold your keyword phrase where it appears in the text

    4. aim to use your keyword phrase at least 1 time in every 100 words throughout your post

    5.use your keyword as anchor text for an outward link
    This strategy always works for me and I have lots of free blogger blogs on first page.

    Google in particular indexes these posts quickly and you find them on the first few pages of search results in record time.

    Always remember to keep your blog content fresh for extra seo juice.

    Hope thats a help..good luck

  2. fahmi087 Says:

    In order to get a good rank in search engine you should optimize your blog properly. But that is only one of the way to get good ranking. You must also do other things to make sure that your blog content get extra exposure. By doing that you will increase chances of your blog being visit by visitor.

    If you want to increase your off page SEO on Blogspot bblog you must do the following tips:

    1.make sure your blog title is SEO friendly
    2.make your Meta Keywords and Description SEO friendly too

    There are many other tips you can find from forum or blog. But I think for the moment you should do the above thing first and then try the other tips you found from the internet.

    You need to modified your blog template a little. Don’t worry it only an easy one 🙂

  3. Maria Eva Says:

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  4. john Says:

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