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Secret Search Engine Optimization Techniques – Dominate Google and Annihilate Your Competition

Before I discovered these search engine optimization techniques, I had been probably as if you, frustrated and confused about how to rank at the top of Google. Well for me, those days are gone. And they may be for you too. Just continue reading and hopefully I will tell you some techniques that may skyrocket your chances for success.

What you possibly know is the fact that are two “types” of search engine optimization techniques: “On-Page SEO” and “Off-Page SEO”. Just how I see it, many people put A lot of stress on On-Page SEO and think that will get them to the top of Google. What most SEOs know now is that Off-Page SEO is 90% of the game. However, you still have to do both. On-page SEO is what lets Google know very well what your page is all about.

Secret #1: Maximize your On-Page SEO and that means you don’t shoot yourself in the foot. Its easy, so just do it right. Make certain your entire tags, URLs, and on-page keyword usage are correct. Make sure your internet site is easily “crawlable” by GoogleBot. There is certainly much more but I can’t go into it here.

But if you desperately want consistent results with getting to the very first page of Google, you need to do aggressive Off-Page SEO, also known as “backlinking.” You don’t only have to do a lot of it, you must do it correctly and also select “quality backlinks.” Listed below are the major secrets related to this:

Secret #2: Not all links are equal. In which the links are placed counts a lot. Should they be on the home page of a high PR (PageRank) website, that’s great, but extremely difficult or expensive to accomplish. Next best is getting them on the inner page of a high PR website, that is definitely doable.

Secret #3: You should link them to your site correctly by linking to the inner pages of your site, and not your home page. This is the fastest way to get good rankings because it looks most natural to Google. It’s also the method responsible for getting coveted “double listings”, combined with some other techniques.

Secret #4: Quality and tactics are very important but quantity is just as important. You need as much links as possible from every type of sites, various different PR. So don’t just focus on finding a few high PR links. Focus on doing consistent backlinking on a daily or weekly basis to your inner pages that you would like to rank, from all different PR sites.

Secret #5: Have as many backlinks that you can and do it as soon as possible. The “Google Sandbox”, if it’s real, is irrelevant. Exactly why? Because SEO is really a long-term strategy. You should commit a minimum of 3 months for you to get a page on your website ranked. For this reason a lot of people fail at this method, as they do not see results fast enough, so they really quit. You must have faith in the method and continue applying many of these search engine optimization techniques before you get the results you would like.

Secret #6: Google completely Adores blogs. And using them offers you the best possiblity to rank your site on the first page, get double listings, and dominate entire pages of the Search results.

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