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SEnuke SEO Software Review – Advantages And Disadvantages

SEnuke SEO Software Review

SEnuke SEO software is a desktop program that a great many advanced internet marketers use to boost their search engine rank.

Advantages Of SEnuke SEO Software

First of all, the very idea of SEnuke itself is “-out of this world-” in what it’s trying to do on the internet marketer. Simply enter a article into SEnuke, together with your anchor text and backlink, and SEnuke will automatically set up accounts at a multitude of web 2. properties, article directories, video sharing sites, bookmarking sites, and RSS feed aggregator sites (ie. Google’s blogspot, wetpaint, quidzilla, hubpages, ezinearticles, articlealley, digg, propeller, feedage, etc.), and then automatically spin your articles and post the content to all these web 2. properties and article directories. You can even use SEnuke’s video nuke to blast your video to around 8 video sharing sites.

You don’t need to worry about captcha’s when SEnuke automatically creates most of these accounts, because SEnuke will automatically figure out the captcha and enter it in the appropriate box when it generates these accounts for you. That is powerful.

Here is some other cool feature. SEnuke will automatically create a window for yourself giving to you all the URL’s and the RSS Feed URL’s of those web 2.0 properties and articles which were just created with content. You only need to take these URL’s and copy and paste them into Bookmarking SEnuke. Clicking Start, and these URL’s are usually automatically bookmarked to about 30 bookmarking sites all hands free.

Also, when you are carried out using Bookmarking Nuke, you then open up the URL Manager, copy all the RSS Feed URL’s from every one of the social networking sites, bookmarking sites, video sharing sites, and article directory site, and you insert them into RSS Nuke. RSS Nuke will automatically post all your feed URL’s from your entire sites to a listing of about 10 RSS Aggregator sites, like for example. RSS Nuke also has a RSS Joiner feature which permits you to merge all the RSS feeds into one URL a very cool feature.

Wait, SEnuke is just not done yet. SEnuke will automatically PING using SEnuke Pinger. All your web 2.0 properties and URL’s will likely be pinged using 10 different pinging services (ie. pingomatic, etc.).

Now, you’ll imagine that this is certainly an aweful lot of programming, which is. But, SENuke’s features and benefits is simply not ended yet.

Remember how I told you that SEnuke will automatically create each one of these social networking sites for you personally, including web 2.0 properties, bookmarking accounts, article directory and video sites accounts? Everbody knows, these types of websites force one to verify an email they send to you before your account is activated.

SEnuke Automatic Verifying Email feature also automatically verifies your complete confirmation emails from all of these sites. And get this, SEnuke will also automatically create a Gmail, Yahoo, or Hotmail email account for you too. Very, cool.

Lastly, I have to take a look at the last module of SEnuke SEO Software, namely, Web 2.0Profile Nuke. This is the new feature of SEnuke.

There is a lot of SEO talk recently on the benefits of installing profile pages and web 2.0 roperty sites and communities. One example is, foxnews provides a community based site where people can build profiles of themselves and set anchor text links. There are actually hundreds and many hundreds of these kind of sites.

The problem is, the greater people spam these websites with profiles and links, the less capable they become. On the other hand, SEnuke presently has a Web 2.0 Profile Nuke that could automatically create accounts and About Me Profiles using your links, at a minimum of 450 sites. Due to huge amount of capthca’s that are needed, you’ll be necessary to pay only $7 for 1000 captcha’s if you need to make use of this feature.

Okay, that’s it for what SEnuke is going to do for yourself…and that is A LOT. Now for the downside.

Disadvantages Of SEnuke SEO Software

After going over SEnuke SEO Software, I feel that the interface isn’t user friendly. You’re constantly having to move inside and outside of windows, copying URL’s from the URL Manager, etc. Additionally, the training videos concerning how to use SEnuke are minimal, and most importantly, how to use SEnuke for internet marketing purposes, which is what SEnuke is designed for.

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