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Where do you put key words on your website for search engine optimization?

Auntie Ruth asked:

I’m building a website, very new to this. Where do I put the key words on the page so that my website will be found in the search engine when those words are typed in?

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  1. Eric S Says:

    You put them in the code (in the meta data), and then the same words get used on the page.

  2. Çlïgér4™ ♂ Says:

    In your browser,Under view click on page source
    that will show you the HTML for this page look for “meta”
    this is where you’ll put the Meta tags for the search engines

  3. DianeD Says:

    You can begin with your keywords in your Keyword Meta Data area which is found between the and the . Like this:

    You would then use your keywords and key phrases within the content of your web page.

    For a simple explanation, read:


  4. Adam Says:

    Use the code that a previous poster posted. But now today with search engines, most (Google) don’t use keywords because of keyword stuffing, but the meta description value is more important and your title tag so make sure those two have your site’s keywords in them.

  5. linkme2mrseo Says:

    You first need to research what people would type in to find you. You need to optimize each page for its own term. Add the term in your title tag, description tag, keyword tag and in the content.

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