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Will SEO still exist in five years?

GoogleWebmasterHelp asked:

On February 26, 2009, Google software engineer Matt Cutts collected questions on Google Moderator and answered many of them on video. Kevin from Marseille, France asked: Will SEO still exist in 5 years?

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  1. andyg3000 Says:

    Thanks Matt….. Great video.

  2. salaser19 Says:

    Jajajajaja una pregunta existencial

  3. goata007 Says:

    How can I get their 20-page SEO pdf??

  4. pwollerman Says:

    But maybe you meant SEO? UM, it’s Search Engine Optimisation.

  5. pwollerman Says:

    Since no-one has answered you prolly need help. A .swf suffux on a file means “Shock Wave Flash”. It’s a Flash file, Google it!

  6. promocioweb Says:

    I was making myself this question last year, my self answer was “leave it and run 100% into your IT career” and in the middle of quitting, instinctly boosted it up after a nice Sunday walk… Happy I did so, market is tending to value SEO professionals as a helping hand in this nowadays crisis times.
    Nice to hear Matt commenting on this 🙂

  7. TrevorLovAnime Says:

    What is swf

  8. PageOneSEO Says:

    SEO will absolutely exist in five years. As long as there are search engines and ranking of results there will be people who want to be ranked at the top.

    There are so many pages out there that don’t get the basics right that I could work for an eternity and not finish optimizing them all.

  9. brainworkindia Says:

    I m happy to be an seo………….

  10. ajayg514 Says:

    Content Marketing will certainly always exist and should, but search engine Artificial Intelligence will continue to evolve. My only hope is that external factors like money does not affect the natural selection of these results. Go TheMusicAge to see another way of using user generated content in context of a Social Network. Google “TheMusicAge”.

  11. wwwSEOWritersNet Says:

    Content is very important and often forgotten with company sites. Many businesses fail each year online because they forgot about the importance of content on a website. Custom SEO articles provide many benefits for businesses.

  12. Michelll86 Says:

    Thanks again Matt,

    If I hear you talking I would almost say we dont need SEO experts in the future…

    Hope I am wrong 😀



    Good ideas. But be careful with spammers with links in blogs. In Spain, they are destroying all organic beauty. Cheers.

  14. zazammweightloss Says:

    I love Google ! ♥

  15. caprichoso Says:

    haha… I’ts look like

  16. MoreWebsiteTraffic Says:

    I’m not interested in black/crap/gray hat, but I am interested in doing SEO for anyone that wants it done with white hat professionalism. It is good to see that Google is on the side of the good guys and rewards them with high organic rankings.

  17. alps07 Says:

    Thanks Matt for all the knowledge you provide.

    Your last red-shirt video is definitely a great booster.

    Am not and seo, but your videos and blog does provide much insight in making a good blog which has rich original content + friendly with search engine.

  18. djwhitehouse82 Says:

    why has he got such an old looking laptop? LOL

  19. SailTimeCa Says:

    SEO rules the world!

  20. timsen Says:

    sponsored by ibm

  21. thisismyurl Says:

    Thanks Matt, I’d love to see a lot more comments from Google about Black Hat and “Crap Hat” (love that btw!) services.

  22. iam0lly Says:


    Seo will still live on im sure, but things like searchwiki will make the users searching experience so “customised” SEO could suffer from this, surely?

    Anyone else agree?

    Thanks though, Matt! 🙂

  23. rhilliard1708 Says:

    Thanks Matt! SEO will live on!!!!!!!!

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