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Introduction to Search Engine Optimization

sagerock asked:

An overview of search engine optimization basics.

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  2. sagerock Says:

    You are very welcome 🙂

  3. eLeSlash Says:

    wow, great thanx.

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  6. resmediamarketing Says:

    Thanks for taking the time to create this.

  7. surfingtube Says:

    Great information. Thanks

  8. GearMonkey8 Says:

    Thanks so much for offering such good advice. I’m addicted to your videos… Me and my girl sat around and watch some last night together… you made us LOL at your “if I had $1000” song. That was classic bro! keep up the good work man, it really helps us newbies out!

  9. bpGodspeed Says:

    Nice video, great outline!

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  10. maejiang07 Says:

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  11. 7seveng7 Says:

    Great info = )

  12. ZzZaPyr Says:

    Great video for begginers 🙂
    Thank you for sharing sage 😉

  13. grantast Says:

    PLUSSES — Good speaking voice, well organized, helpful SEO tips
    MINUSES — 7 minutes can be on longer side. Could consider breaking up tips into individual videos. Watermark is too close to speaker’s mouth, appears distracting. Too much of just a “talking head.” Should cut away with visual clips of what is being referred to.

  14. sagerock Says:

    Thanks everybody! 55018, there is a huge drop off of clicks even after the first 3 listings. The number I heard from Yahoo Search Marketing is something like 70% of people click on the top 3 listings.

  15. 55018 Says:

    Good info Sagerock. My websites have usually done very well with my SEO, but l didn’t realise the importance of linking back to a website with an actual key phrase…. Thanks. I also think with the growing emergence of PPC the days of returning in the first 3 pages of search results are pretty much over. l doubt many people look past the first page anymore. Any idea of the percentages on that?

  16. mfaisco Says:

    Seeing this video made me feel confortable about what I know and practice through SEO. Thank you for your perfect tutorial!

  17. theazam Says:

    yes good tip about phrases. simple use simple language phrases do’t use technical phrases for search ket words. because majority of people searching are non-technicel.
    use simple langiage

  18. sagerock Says:

    Thanks everybody. JakepennM, I wrote this big long comment answering your question and then it didn’t post. I’ll probably do a video on the very topic soon.

  19. RoofFiddler Says:

    Superb, superb primer on this topic. (added to favorites)
    Thank you very much.

  20. JakepennM Says:

    SAGE – btw – you did a VERY good job explaining the anchors of SEO. Well done.

  21. JakepennM Says:

    OK – but WHAT terms does your site rank for? Sage Rock

  22. roninjapanTV Says:

    Thank you for this video…my site gonna be online in a few weeks and that video help me understand better SEO.i gonna visit you site.nice video.

  23. Webhash Says:

    Excellent overview of SEO! Kudos!

  24. sagerock Says:

    Thank you!

  25. ejrbigbear Says:

    I’m impressed! this guy know what he’s talking about

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