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Regarding search engine optimization as a career?

inquisitive asked:

Which are the best books and other resources to get started in SEO(search engine optimization) as a career option and also is there a fair chance of getting a job as a fresher in this field?

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  1. natasha Says:

    checkout this site
    well itdepends where you apply

  2. Terry R Says:

    Better than book knowledge, real life experience optimizing websites will get you noticed quicker than knowing how to answer all of the questions correctly.

    For a basic education, try Aaron Wall’s SEO book, if it is still available.

    As for getting a job, that can depend on many factors but will be impossible without some real world results you can point your potential employer to.

  3. kron3r Says:

    There are a lot of places to get SEO information from. There are tons of conferences (i.e. SMX, Webmaster World) as well as online sites with tons of information. I recommend Aaron Wall’s, Rand Fishkin’s, and is where our company writes about tons of SEO and other Internet Related news.

    Many companies will train you on SEO, you just have to be a quick learner and be web savvy.

    – Read up! – Aaron

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